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The 76yrs old German Sponsor who lost Ksh 5.4 M To a Young Luo Lady Adhiambo Now Flees To Tanzania, Ogopa Slay queen Kenya

The German Sponsor who claimed that he lost Sh.5.4 million to his Kenyan fiancée in Malindi has fled to Tanzania.

Reiner Hans Hermann Kreplin, 66, wants the police to arrest his alleged fiancee, Mercy Adhiambo, 24, whom he said disappeared with his €40,000, an amount equivalent to Sh5,111,206 in today’s exchange rate.


He said that the 24-year-old from Siaya County disappeared with his cash while they were living together at his Harbour Key villa in Malindi on December 10, 2020.

Speaking on phone from his hideout which he did not disclose over safety concerns, Kreplin accused Kenyan police of taking too long to track down the woman.

‘’I am currently out of Kenya in one of the East African countries for my safety because of the threats I was receiving from anonymous people who were always detecting my location,’’ he said.

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Kreplin said when he reported the case at Malindi police station, an officer attached to the Tourism Police Unit was assigned the case but he seems to run to a dead end.

The German revealed to Nairobi Today that he went to Siaya last month to find out the whereabouts of Adhiambo Escorts but her family informed him that she has been unreachable for months.

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He said that the money she stole was part of a large sum he got after selling one of his properties in Germany, proceeds he used to buy his villa at Harbour Key villa.

Kreplin said it was unfortunate since he had planned to buy another villa in Malindi on a 50/50 ownership agreement with Adhiambo only for her to disappear with his €40,000, a sweet sum she took from one of his suitcases where he had neatly stashed it.

The German told Nairobi Today that the incident has left him depressed, especially when he recalls the good plans he had with Adhiambo and how he wanted to make huge investments in Kenya worth millions of shillings.

Earlier, he revealed that he had plans to open an irrigation scheme in Ganze Constituency, Kilifi County and to open a recycling plant, plans now halted by his relationship misfortune.

 Malindi Sub County Police Commander John Kemboi said he was following up on the matter when contacted for the case update.

Kreplin first came to Kenya in January 2019 as a tourist from Ethiopia where he was trying to make other investments but found it difficult.

The German national said he chose Kenya for his investments based on advice from friends in Nairobi, explaining that is how he ended up in Mtwapa where he met Adhiambo, then a waitress in one of the big hotels in the Coast.

Kreplin said he met Adhiambo at Salama Bling Beach Resort in Mtwapa North beach next to Jumuia Conference and Beach Resort.

He said that they did not fall in love immediately but Adhiambo immediately invited him for a party at Danka Lounge where she later showed him her room, an abode he said only had a single mattress.

Seeing her abject poverty, Kreplin said he pitied her and took her out where he bought her a phone worth Sh12,000.

The following day, he said he flew to Nairobi and onward to Germany. All the while, he said they were chatting daily, for months, and he started trusting her, revealing his plans to invest in the country.

It is after returning from Germany, he said, that their relationship became serious, consummating the affair.

“Our relationship was special in chat and personal. We could laugh about the same funny situations and jokes she likes to make,’’ he said, adding, “he then moved to Malindi where they lived together for a week as he hunted for a villa to buy.

He said she loved Adhiambo because she was a trained accountant and had previously held a job where she trained village girls, a job that revealed, according to him, that she was of good character and had intentions to lead a better life.

“From May [2019] I hired her in my company, RasAlkhaimah, as a local representative as a translation and general relations manager with a monthly salary of Sh20,000,” he said.

In October 2019, Kreplin said he gifted Adhiambo with a new boda boda, after also having bought her a new Nissan Note since she was interested in making investments with returns.

His plan was to officially marry her, and to that end, he bought a Gold engagement ring in October while in Malindi as a symbol of commitment to their long-term relationship.

In September, Kreplin said they celebrated her birthday in Zanzibar, where they had a lot of fun.

On the day she disappeared with his money, Kreplin said that he went out for morning coffee at Osteria Restaurant in Malindi, an Italian joint, and found her gone when he returned to the house.

Journalists have not been able to get Adhiambo’s account of the tale as she has been unreachable.

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