Embarambamba, Getumbe ordered to pull down inappropriate songs or face 50yrs in Jail

Gospel artists Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe have been ordered to pull down their latest songs from across all media platforms for violating the Films and Stage Plays Act.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) acting chief executive Nelly Muluka said their songs titled ‘Niko Uchi’ and ‘Yesu Ninyandue’ respectively contravene the law and threaten the safety of children and the general public at large.

She said the circulation of the songs on social media has also sparked public outcry.

“The song titled ‘Niko Uchi’, which is purported gospel, invites ridicule to the Christian religion, contains nudity and vulgarity,” Muluka said.

“It has further been noted that some of the artist’s dancing styles are violent and others present imitable behaviour, which if copied by children/minors, can be dangerous and disastrous,” she added.

Muluka said letters have been dispatched to Embarambamba and Getumbe to pull down the content “failure to which they will face the law in line with the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya”.

Muluka said letters have also been sent to various platform operators to pull down the inappropriate content.

She said the board will continue monitoring and flagging all inappropriate content and report the same to government agencies and platform operators for appropriate action.

The CEO advised the general public to continue playing the watchdog role and report all inappropriate content shared online in the guise of exercising freedom of expression.

“The board further urges content creators across the country to adhere to the provisions of Cap 222 and other laws that govern the creative industry,” Muluka said.

She said content creators should prioritize creating content that does not compromise the country’s culture, moral values, and national aspirations and ensure they are not channels of exposing minors to harmful content.

Embarambamba rose to fame largely by executing vigorous dance moves and acrobatic maneuvers that often leave his audience bewildered.

In most of his live acts and videos, he jumps on roofs, hangs on roofing trusses, rolls in muddy puddles, chases cattle, uproots crops, and climbs trees.

In the latest video that has caused uproar, he is seen dancing naked in the middle of a river.


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