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DCI shocked by what was found in Chris Obure’s House after killing Omwenga in Fake Gold scam, See what was found !!!!

The Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, was stunned by new evidence unravelled in Kevin Omwenga’s murder case after his detectives raided one of the suspect’s office on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

The detectives recovered two more guns from the office of Chris Obure located along Galana Road, Nairobi.

Kinoti wrote to the Firearms Licencing Board seeking to find out whether the guns are licensed or not, as he works to solve the murder and money laundering case.

The web of criminal activities in which both the suspects and the deceased are embroiled in surprised Kinoti. Obure was linked to a fake gold syndicate.

“We are investigating to establish the truth. This is shocking and cruel,” Kinoti stated.

It was at the same office whereby the firearm that was used to shoot Omwenga in the chest was recovered. The late was reportedly murdered after a deal went sour.

Before his death, Omwenga had planned to travel to Dubai to reportedly cement a fake gold deal worth Ksh 120 million.

Obure and his bodyguard Robert Ouko are under investigation for the murder of Omwenga.

A woman who was caught on CCTV on the night the car dealer was murdered is also under the police radar.

Through a police statement she recorded, the woman defended herself arguing that she was not well acquainted with Omwenga as they were only beginning to get to know each other.

She, however, affirmed that Ouko had a private conversation with the deceased before he was shot dead.

Upon his arrest, Ouko confirmed that the shooting did take place albeit accidentally stating that the gun went off while the two were scuffling over the weapon.

He disclosed that he took the gun from his boss businessman Chris Obure’s office at Senteu Plaza and Omwenga wanted to show it off to his female companion.


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