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CS MUTAHI KAGWE under siege! See what Afya House cartels are doing to him after he shook up the Ministry and sent some of them parking

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is a man under siege from Afya House Mafias.

Speaking yesterday, Kagwe disclosed how Afya House cartels are frustrating his clean-up process in the Ministry.

Kagwe had ordered 31 Health Ministry Officials to vacate office, in early May 2020, after his docket was put on the spotlight for alleged misappropriation of Covid-19 funds.

According to reports, Kagwe lamented that the cartels had resisted transfers to other dockets, making him resort to using force to execute the purge.

“I have never seen this anywhere else.”

“I do not think there is any other Ministry that has encountered situations whereby individuals refuse to move until you physically send someone to assist them out.”

“It’s a compelling situation,” Kagwe stated.

The CS vowed that he was hell-bent on seeing the changes take place, arguing that he will ensure the reforms were undertaken within stipulated legal frameworks.

“Restructure is an ongoing process and no resistance will stop it.”

“The contract spells out where someone will work.”

“You can be transferred anywhere or retire at 60 years.”

“I assure you that all we are doing is within the contract of employment,” Kagwe affirmed.

He further raised concerns over individuals who were facing retirement and were part of the cartels.

Kagwe reiterated that it was the Government’s choice to retain them or ask them to retire.

“We have people in this ministry whom we have requested to stay on.”

“The only person with the powers to do so is the employer,” he proclaimed.


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