Coca Cola Managing Director, DARLY WILSON, dumped by his wife after she busted him having SEX with her best friend at Sarova Stanley Hotel – Never trust a Kamba Woman.

Managing Director of Coca Cola Beverages Africa, Darly Wilson, has been dumped by his Kenyan wife after she busted him having sex with her best friend.

The loaded and aging white man, married a Kenyan lady model called Queentar Mercy, who was reportedly providing escort services to wealthy tourists at the Coast, in a lavish wedding estimated to have cost  Ksh 15 million.

The wedding that was held at Windsor Hotel and Golf Club was attended by foreign dignitaries and prominent media personalities.

He was previously married to another aging white woman that he divorced for this youthful Kenyan lady.

Nairobi Today has learnt that Wilson’s marriage with the Kenyan slay queen model, Mercy, has hit rock bottom after she busted him having sex with her best friend at Sarova Stanley Hotel.

To make matters worse, Mercy’s best friend who had sex with her husband was her make-up artist during their lavish wedding.

Her name is Phidelia Mutunga, former Miss Tourism Kwale County (pictured below)

Wilson’s wife busted her busy riding her husband at the posh Sarova Stanley Hotel.


We understand that Wilson is furnishing the lavish life of the former Miss Tourism Kwale County after parting ways with his wife.

She openly displays the high end life on social media.

On the other hand, Wilson’s ex-wife, Queentar Mercy, has gone missing on social media where she was fond of displaying a very lavish life, always flying to top hotels for vacations and documenting the trips on social media.

A little bird whispered to us that Mercy is back to her high end prostitution business after partying ways with her husband.

Here’s the aging Coca Cola boss who loves fine Kenyan girls.


Here’s Wilson’s ex-wife, a high end escort who provides services to wealthy white men after they parted ways.


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My name is Tom Odawa, a Kenyan citizen born in Kisumu. I am a luo man and my wife is also luo. my number is 0722736544. I know Daryl Wilson very well since the time he stepped in Kenya in 2006. I have worked for Coca-Cola company in the same office for 26 years and Daryl was my 10th boss as a Director. The current Director is the 16th one and I know all of them and their characters.
Please put aside all the malicious fake news that has been written about Daryl. This whole story has been concocted by greedy individuals who want to turnish his name and swindle him of his hard earned career, reputation and money. We are all human and we should not destroy anyone’s reputation just for money; nobody knows about tomorrow. It’s not just me who can confirm the truth. His own household employees know the truth and can back him up as a stand up, dedicated and loyal man. If you want to know the truth, just contact my number.
I don’t understand why anyone would want to destroy such a kind man who has touched so many Kenyan lives and uplifted so many families. It’s a shame that clout chasing slay queens can misuse media platforms to bring down a good man. If she’s disgruntled, why not just walk away rather than post spiteful and malicious things. I have the contacts of his househelps, guards, gardener and neighbours if anyone wants to verify the truth.

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