Broken Dreams: Kenyan Man, Isaac Gichengo Blames American Partner for Squandering His Wealth in the US

Isaac Gichengo’s journey to the United States in 1987 held the promise of a brighter future, yet little did he anticipate the turbulent tale of financial hardship and emotional turmoil that would mark his return journey to Kenya.

Gichengo started with odd jobs in Pennsylvania and later his perseverance propelled him up the corporate ladder, ultimately securing a stable position at a bank. Alongside his professional achievements, he found love and established a family with an American citizen and they were blessed with two children. However, beneath the facade of prosperity and lavish lifestyle, shadows of discord loomed. Gichengo openly shares his experiences of enduring emotional abuse, encouraging others in similar circumstances to break free from toxic marriages.

“I was going through a lot of emotional abuse and to all the men out there going through the same, decide to leave and never look back,” he says in an interview.

Amid efforts to support his wife’s education by working two jobs to fund her accounting studies, Gichengo found himself trapped in a cycle of financial mismanagement. His wife’s extravagant spending habits, combined with alleged misuse of joint funds, left him in dire financial straits. Amid divorce proceedings, Gichengo faced an arduous battle. The court mandated significant spousal and child support payments, leaving him devoid of financial security and struggling to make ends meet.

The divorce ordeal took a profound toll on Gichengo’s finances, with his assets frozen and his passport nearly lost, further compounding his troubles. He was prompted to return to Kenya due to financial constraints after struggling to cope with the aftermath of a shattered marriage. Fortunately, the court eventually lifted the burden of alimony payments, providing a glimmer of hope amid adversity. However, setbacks persisted as he experienced financial losses in a failed borehole project, depleting his resources even further.

Meanwhile, Gichengo is supported by his loved ones. As he rebuilds his life in Kenya, he clings to the hope of a fresh beginning, fueled by opportunities for international employment. With interviews for US positions on the horizon, Gichengo’s determination to regain stability remains resolute.

Nairobi Today has reached out to Gichengo in a bid to help him settle down in Kenya.


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