Kikyu female names

Before marrying a kikuyu lady, look at the 15 very common Kikuyu female names and their hilarious meaning

A Kenyan man has elicited laughter online after giving out a list of Kikuyu female names accompanied by their meaning.

John Kariuki outlined a list of Kikuyu Ladies’ names accompanied by their meaning in a hilarious Facebook post seen by Nairobi Today on Tuesday, April 17.

Below is the rib cracking list of 15 names and their meaning which every man should consider before dating a Kikuyu lady.

1. Njoki: Normally skinny ,very social and hard working. They hardly get married and are poor in bed.

2. Njeri: Most of them are big bodied. They lie a lot and are quick tempered. READ ALSO: 500 philanthropists from East Africa meeting for a two day conference in Naivasha

3. Muthoni: They are brilliant, hypocritical, secretive, very sarcastic and social. They lack self control. When Muthoni loves she loves for real.

4 Wanjiku: They have a warm smile, very seductive and very social which suits them in gold digging.They are easily irritated and are strumpets.

5. Wangui: She is a peacock. They are very proud especially if they are light skinned. They have a very low IQ and can be easily manipulated. Always a player.

6. Wambui: Always calm but hypocritical. They are social and knowledgeable. They can make a good wife. They hardly smile, they fake smile and even satisfaction in bed.

7. Wanjiru:If you have Ciru then you got a devil with you. Run as fast as your legs can carry you.

8. Wangeci: They are known to laugh loudly, they are not loyal. When Wangeci decides you can’t change her mind..

9. Wangari: They have a warm smile and a very calm cracking laughter, but look very dangerous when uncivilized. They are second best to make good wife.

10. Nyambura: Named after the rain. If you come across her call a pastor to pray for you instantly, wife material. She is the best, hardly smiles.

11. Mugeci: She is a hyena. Very gossipy. She is a cross breed of Kikuyu and a Luhya. It’s only a chef or a Luhya who can marry her.

12. Njambi: Are very intelligent, wife material, very strong and hard working, they don’t get tired, they like solitude.

13. Wanja meaning from outside. Beautiful but most of them are prostitutes.They got very seductive attractive eyes and smile.

14. Wangithi: Very superstitious, they are very rowdy and like fighting. They are rude and control their husbands.

15. Waitherero: Named after south. Agar beauty queens, they lie a lot and most of them are witch doctors if not lesbians.

16: Wairimu: Most of these hardly sustain a marriage.They are natural prostitutes but very brilliant.No man should even think of marrying them.

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