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AKOTHEE reveals she found OMOSH as Gay and he Insisted on An0l S3x every day during their honeymoon as she opens up about her failed marriage, which lasted for barely 3 months(VIDEO).

Controversial singer and businesswoman, Esther Akoth alias Akothee, has opened up about her failed marriage with Swiss national, Dennis Schweizer alias Omosh.

Speaking on Tiktok Live, the mother of five revealed that she started seeing red flags when she was on honeymoon with Omosh.

“I found out some things I couldn’t keep up with during honeymoon,” she said.

Akothee pretended that all was okay but deep down, she was planning to walk out of the marriage.

She reportedly ended her relationship with Omosh in June and left Switzerland in July.

When she was leaving Switzerland, Omosh didn’t know that she was already done with the marriage.

“I walked out of the relationship in June. By the time I was leaving Switzerland in July, I was already done with the marriage,” she revealed.

Akothee claims that by the time she went public about her failed marriage, she had already healed.

Akothee further said that she didn’t want to stay in an unhealthy relationship to please people.

Listen to her speak.

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