A lone KDF soldier beats up two police officers from Spring Valley Police Station, hawa polisi huwa wajinga sana

KDF soldier :Two Kenya Police officers are nursing serious injuries after being beaten to a pulp by a lone Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer.

According to a local TV, the two police officers from Spring Valley Police Station were conducting an operation within the city when the incident happened.

The officers were on a routine patrol along Kitisuru Road when they spotted a suspected ‘notorious thug’ riding a motorcycle and decided to chase him.

They trailed the suspect and managed to intercept him near the Kabete Barracks roadblock.

However, when they tried to arrest him, he beat up one police officer who was immediately rushed to South B hospital for specialised treatment.

Other KDF officers from the barrack came out and chased the other officer who also sustained injuries while escaping the wrath of soldiers.

Spring Valley Police officers are notoriously corrupt and we hope they have learned a lesson from this beating.

KDF Soldier

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