Turkana Residents Dying Of Famine Despite Governor Nanok Receiving Billions To Eradicate Poverty

Each year, Governor Nanok receives over 14B from National. The County also receives more funds than 98% of the counties.

In 6-7 years he has been Turkana Governor, Nanok has received over 7B on top of his national share as equalization funds! For starters, Equalization funds ni pesa ya kumaliza umasikini. Na hatujaheshabu pesa ya Revenue na msaada wa world bank.

A County will less than 190k registered voters,a county with 6Mps. Each of the Mps receives over 120M per year! Meaning over 720M CDF money is pumped into the county per year.

Even with that,Turkana residents are being killed by famine!

Turkana County Government should be disbanded. Nanok should be jailed. And the 6 MPs should not only be recalled but also jailed for looting public coffers.


Author: Alexxie

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