Shocking!!!Jamii Faiba Is The Most Unreliable Internet Connectivity Firm,Tribal, They Only Sort Kalenjins If You Connectivity Issues

Hey guys there has been rumors about Jamii Telkom with the famous Faiba connect of how good their internet speed is .Its doubt that some years ago they were unrivaled.Thats a credit.

But all that glitters is not gold.I subscribed to Jamii Telkom services for Internet connection, i run a website development firm in Karen.This means that ,there was no way we can rent an office and go without internet and that was when we subscribed with Jamii for Internet provision, paid the deposit fee of Kes 15000 plus a one month connection fee that is Kes 5,000.

I have been with Jamii despite ups and downs, mara fibre cut andd ooh and the case would be resolved within 2 to 3 days.Take it this way, having an office with no internet for 2 to 3 days ,during this time we suffer client loss, i mean, as long as we have paid, we should not be begging for services restoration.

When you have an internet downtime and call their support lines 0747585100, the girls that receive yours call are completely unaware of the roles and privileges in matters regarding your concern and their response ever is” Our engineers are checking on your issue” perhaps wanamaanisha, wee kaa hapo ukingojea usortiwe..

Anyway, to cut the sory short, not all clients are able to swalow Jamii antics,most have have resorted to seeking professional services from safaricom fibre to home or other companies like access kenya, Giganet etc..

It has been in public domain that , since the company <<Jamii Fibre >> is owned and ran by Kalenjin, they are slow to sort non-kalenjins once an issue arises.To prove this wrong, we are in the same building other Kalenjins and while our Internet Connection is down, their is up.Reason, We are yet to establish.

Any the most recent case was when i lost internet connection, that was on Thursday 14th, we have called over 100 times to have our services restored, but up until today Tuesday 19th, our issue isn’t yet sorted.

Efforts to reach the manager on 0747585161 were futile but some cable guys from the said company revealed that, if you are not Kalenjin, your issue is queued and not a priority.This is sickening, absurd, uncouth and unprofessional.

At the moment ,we are seeking professional services from other players .

For those that are willing to have Internet Connection from Jamii, Kindly think twice and consider other options.Stay away from this tribal fucking Firm.

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