Shocking list of the Most Corrupt Kalenjins That Should rot in Jail

Political coverage and insurance is not eternal, especially in countries that practice pseudo democracy like in kenya where we change presidents every 10 years, So don’t over do things just because your political father asks you to.

The guys below are now learning it the hard way:

1. Joe Sang – KPC Managing Director.
2. Newton Terer- NCPB Managing Director.
3. Ben Chumo- KPLC Managing Director.
4. Mrs. Lily Koros- KNH CEO
5. Mr. Ken Tarus- KPLC Managing Director.
6. Mr. Charles Tanui-KPC Managing Director.
7. Mr. Josphat Kipkoech Sirma-KPC Chief Engeener
8. Mr. Cornel Kiprotich- NCPB Finance Manager.
9. Mr. Vincent Cheruiyot- KPC Supply chain Manager
10. Mr. Wilber Kurgat- NHIF Finance Director.

They thought nobody will question their mismanagement of public resources. They were stealing to support the re-election of their Jubilee President and the future election of another Jubilee thief, then the handshake happened!


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