Shock As Students Murder Their Teacher At Hopewell High School In Nakuru and Eat Brain

32 year old PATRICK Omare a Maths, Physics and computer teacher at Hopewell high school has been killed.

He had just finished supervising preps at the Nakuru school at around 10 pm last night as he was on duty. In the course of duty he had confiscated a mobile phone from a naughty boy. As he retreated to his house which is about 150 meters away, he was confronted with the boys who murdered him.

The scene of murder was gruesome. Mashed head, brain strewn all over. The whole skull was in pieces and the body parts scattered all over.

SO SAD. The students we teach in our Kenyan schools are armed and dangerous.

Teacher Omare, 32 years old is a graduate of Maseno university, and also a graduate student at MKU hailed from Kisii region. He has left behind his wife and a toddler.



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