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Shock as 6th Year Moi University Student Killed By ‘Sponser ‘ For Infecting Him With HIV (Photos)

Young Girls, Avoid Sponsors. They’ll Infect You With HIV

The country is shocked after the brutal murder of a 6th year medical student Ivy Wangechi, at the hands of her boyfriend who is said to have driven from Thika to Eldoret carrying nothing but an axe.

The boyfriend is said to have been angry after discovering that his girlfriend was HIV positive, and that she had transmitted it to him.

This is the life of Kenya today. Young girls go to moneyed sponsors whose demand is sky-high, get money and HIV and then come to retransmit it to their boyfriends. The decimation of an entire generation.

Until the culture of sponsorship and exchange for sex with money ends, this state of affairs will eradicate our young people. Greed and pursuit for vanity triggered by Instagram, is driving ladies to aspire for a life that older prostitutes are living.

The prostitutes who don’t need to be named, have created this fictitious facade and turned a whole generation of young ladies into pseudo sluts.

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Due to the fact that moneyed men are lesser in this Uhuru economy which has been brought to its knees due to the corruption instigated by the St. Mary’s-schooled and alcoholic idiot, only few people have money.

Those few rich sponsors who throw money around are in high demand, being chased by a high turnover of women, putting them in the high-risk category as regards to HIV prevalence.

It’s this unfortunate situation that Ms. Ivy Wangechi found herself in, torn between maintaining sexual ties with her sponsor and being loyal to her boyfriend. And with that, created this mess that we are witnessing today.

The advise to young ladies is that sponsors are all infected with HIV. Their work is to ruin marriages and relationships. And this is a risk which is not being addressed by the mainstream media.

We should not be quick to judge or demonize anyone, but instead concentrate on the underlying issues. Let’s stop beating around the bush.

It’s not common practice for someone to just drive and hack someone. The issues must have been very weighty and without access to advise and/or counseling, one is bound to do something stupid.

To avoid a similar circumstance, we must now address the issue of sponsors infecting young girls with HIV.

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