See What is Happening To Your Money in Equity Bank, This Bank is a Night Mare

An Embu court on Thursday detained three senior employees of Equity Bank for 14 days pending investigations into the loss of Ksh.14 million from the bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru, David Warui Kiai, Samuel Wanjohi Maina and George Ng’ang’a Ndegwa were accused of conspiring to defraud the bank of the amount which was to be deposited at the bank’s ATM in Embu.

Embu West Director of Criminal Investigations, through Police Constable John Ngituyu, asked the court to allow him continue detaining the suspects.

The DCI boss stated that on January 29, 2019, he received a call from the bank’s security manager, Thumbi Ireri, informing him that the lender had lost Ksh.14 million over the weekend.

He added that the money was allegedly lost at the ATM between January 26 and January 27, 2019 under the custodian of George Ng’ang’a and Samuel Wanjohi as well as the supervision of operation manager David Warui.

The DCIO now wants the court to grant him access to the CCTV footage as well as an audit for the two days and a report from the I.T department indicating who logged in and at what time.


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