Please Sonko,Ban the 14 Seater Matatus and Tell Waititu To Shut Up-Nairobi Traders

The Nairobi Young Traders Association has criticised Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu for taking on Governor Mike Sonko on the ban of 14-seater matatus from the CBD.

Waititu last Wednesday accused Sonko of mismanaging the public transport system.

“Such decisions are detrimental to the sector and hurt masses who use matatus daily. Someone tell Sonko you cannot run such a county by waking up in the morning and issuing arbitrary and insensitive orders,” Waititu said.

On Monday, the young traders group led by their chairman Moses Maina said Waititu exhibited lack of wisdom and integrity when he called on the Kikuyu community to elect one of their own as governor in the next election to protect their interests.

“As the country is rallying all efforts towards integration and cohesion, here is a senior member of society doing the exact opposite and urging people to remain ethnically divisive,” Maina said.

They spoke during a press conference in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Waititu should unreservedly apologise to Sonko, they said, adding that urging matatu owners to ignore the ban is retrogressive.

The group said all matatu saccos operating within the city were given ample time to phase out the 14-seater matatus and invest in large capacity carriers.

“This move is long overdue. For us to thrive in business in Nairobi, we need Nairobi to become a city of the future,” he said.

Waitutu has been calling for the suspension of the ban on 14-seater matatus saying it was effected without stakeholder consultation.

He has also called for the removal of National Transport and Safety Authority director general Francis Meja in the plan to phase out the PSVs.


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