Nairobians tells MIKE SONKO to shut up and go home – We want NMS General MOHAMED BADI, you should be in Kamiti for stealing money

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, is doing everything he can to frustrate Nairobi Metropolitan Service Director General, Mohamed Badi, who has won the hearts of Nairobians with his development moves over the last 100 days.

Since occupying the Nairobi office in March, Badi who is a Kenya Airforce Major General has transformed the Capital City from a filthy pig sty to a shining city in the sun.

However, despite all these achievements, Governor Sonko has hired bloggers to condemn General Badi’s leadership calling it an illegality.

On Saturday, Sonko, who is a jailbird, hired several bloggers to tarnish the good name of the General who has transformed Nairobi in just under 100 days by improving roads, water and sewerage and also lighting the city which once looked like a cowshed.

Nairobians have asked Sonko to shut up and let the General take them to the Promised Land.

Major Mbadi was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta to head the NMS after Sonko failed miserably to transform the busy metropolis.


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