Life is unfair! DENNIS ITUMBI gets intimate with JACQUE MARIBE in a night club as JOWIE languishes in Kamiti(PHOTO)

Disgraced Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi caused a stir on social media after Itumbi shared a photo of them getting intimate.

Jacque and Itumbi had gone for a night out at the lavish Cahoots club located along Kindaruma on Friday.
In the photo that has sparked online debate , Itumbi is seen leaning his hands towards Jacque Maribe who appears tipsy.

They look like a match made in heaven.

Kenyans flooded to Itumbi’s timeline with all manner  of comments after he shared the photo.

Some say he is taking advantage of Jowie’s tribulations by trying to rekindle  old flame with Maribe.
Other say that Itumbi is too desperate since he keeps on chasing Jacque Maribe after they broke up.
Here’s the photo.


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