Kenya Is Trully Cursed,DP Ruto Launches State Of The Art ICT Centre in Elgeyo Marakwet, See Photos.

The ICT centre is said to have costed tax payers millions.The above gadgets as you can see are out dated.

In Murkomen’s tweet, there were no photos seen of the new machines at the ICT lab.

This comes after the much-touted government schools’ laptop project failed to take off in most schools.

Instead, the government made a u-turn and said they will instead focus on launching and equipping ICT labs in schools countrywide.

“Halafu one computer lacks a mouse, the other lacks a keyboard. Mnatubebaga ufala aje? Why did u buy CRT monitors in the age of TFTs? These computers I bet are Pentium 3 at least. Where did you collect them?” @Wangosh254 wrote.

“Plastic chairs for a computer lab… Get tf serious… And again while people are starving to death in Turkana you are busy spending 18million for computers which are of sijui what generation and look at the tables… Smh… GOD will punish you people one day… Just play,” @TerryLeakes_254 tweeted.

@Ajoayana tweeted, “So you guys LAUNCHED an ICT centre, the went ahead to raise funds to replace OBSOLETE computers? What exactly makes comps obsolete in a centre that is just being launched?”

“Who uses those computers in this era…mediocrity at its highest… Kuna shida mahali,” PattisMBS said.

The CRT monitors are shocking to find in this age? I last saw them in some cyber cafes several decades ago,” @2ndguitar wrote.

@Rawlakes tweeted, “Flew all the way to launch dusty,scratched desktops that were manufactured in1992, What’s the budget? 800 million I guess.”

“Show us what he purchased?? Kipchumba Don’t Take us for a rides.. we are not fools. Style up please,” pkoorir said.

@mugera_njeru wrote, “Mr. Murkomen you must be joking. I am 22 years old and I used such computers when I was ten…these computers are outdated to consider that a centre for technology bure kabisa.


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