KANU warns UHURU against endorsing RUTO in 2022 – Kenyans are now intelligent and cannot elect a thief in State House

KRA’s list of staff they have interdicted is just evidence that the KRA boss was not fighting corruption but doing ethnic cleansing.

KANU Secretary General, Nick Salat, has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta against endorsing Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022.

Speaking on Saturday,Salat who is a close ally of KANU chairman , Gideon Moi said that no one, including the President, will dictate to Kenyans on what to do.
In an apparent jab at Ruto, Salat stated that no one will be forced to support a leader or a political ideology.

“No one, including Uhuru Kenyatta, can force Kenyans into supporting a thief or fake political ideologies. Kenyans are free to make informed choices,”Salat stated.
 Salat also said the Independence party will ensure Ruto goes to the political oblivion in 2022.
“We are ready to set a full-blown war with William Ruto in the Rift Valley region. We will battle him in all corners, East and West, North and South. On air, on land and in the sea. We have had enough of his leadership and its time today enough is enough,”he said.

If KRA boss was serious with fighting corruption, his name and the names of Deputy Commissioners as well as senior managers would be on the list.

I know 3 KRA senior managers with very huge amount of wealth they can’t explain. One has even registered his properties (Hotels, 20 High End apartments, land in Karen, Runda, Naivasha etc) in the name of a 25 year old boy who works as a junior clerk in his hire.


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