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BE ALERT! Here’s the new trick that kidnappers are using along Thika Road, you might be the next victim.

As received.
Hi. Please be careful on Thika Road.
New kidnapping cases have emerged where passengers are kidnapped, taken to Mathare, Babadogo, Huruma, Mathare Area and the criminals undertake various transactions on their phones while holding them hostage.

These transactions include: Mpesa transactions, borrow money from Mshwari, tala, KCB Mpesa, Move money from your Bank Account using your Bank mobile app and take your atm cards. They also send SMSs to contacts on your phone requesting for money.

The ordeal usually lasts for 24hrs as they hold you hostage and once they are done they force you to drink spiked water and then throw you out in the streets while you are blacked out.

For example:

A Thika Manchester Nissan Matatu was involved in such an incident about 2weeks ago in the Month of April 2019 where they got to the stage empty at around 8.30pm and they picked up 6 passengers (4men and 2ladies) at kimbo. The conductor indicated that the Matatu is heading express to town, thereafter the conductor alighted at Githurai 45 and when getting to roasters the driver used the service lane and as they were getting to the climbing lane towards allsops the driver alleged the vehicle had a mechanical problem and he had to stop. Where the driver stopped there were 3 men who boarded and who immediately kidnaped the passengers. The 3 male kidnappers were armed and they gave the passengers masks to wear and then the matatu was driven to Mathare where the ordeal happened. At the site of the ordeal the 3 male kidnappers joined 3 women kidnappers who were armed and who were very confident undertaking the crime and were not hiding their faces.

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‭Take precautions on your boarding of matatus and if you suspect anything alight or if you hear the driver complaining that the matatu is not functioning well and you have to use the service lanes at night please alight…… Let’s share widely so that the National Police Service takes action and they arrest these criminals
Share widely
Take precaution in all you do


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