When you pay dowry, it is like owning a woman, she should do as you say – Vocal Kenyan twitter personality says and tongues are wagging! (LOOK)

Vocal Kenyan twitter personality, Captain Kale, has stirred a storm on social media over his view on dowry and women.

According to Kale, married women shouldn’t be given freedom after marriage because according to him, once you pay dowry, she becomes one of your properties.

The controversial blogger made the remarks while responding to a topic in which radio host, Maina Kageni, asked women about the definition of freedom in marriage.

“Ladies, when you tell your husband you want freedom in your marriage/relationship, what do you mean” the topic reads.

To which Captain Kale responded stating that giving freedom to women is like handing a fully loaded gun to your enemy.

“When I married her, I paid for her, hence me owning her. She should do as I say. Even her going to say hi to her parents needs me to think about it,” he tweeted.

“Women are irresponsible human beings and they need to be guided every time. They can’t function without someone being hard on them,”

“Giving women freedom is like giving a gun full of bullets to your enemy” Kale added.

Check out his tweets that have left women up in arms below.


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