Shock As Bungoma Man and Woman Got Stuck During Sex In A Lodging , This is Warning To Team “Fisi”

A Bungoma man used a witchcraft charm to catch his wife and her lover on Tuesday where they got “stuck together” during sex.

“I went to Mama Kasimbila, who gave me medicine to make them get stuck. It has worked so well. I have caught them red-handed,” said the husband identified as Mike.

A crowd milled around the hotel where the two were caught.

The husband told the crowd and the media outside the hotel in Chwele town.

He spent Sh3,000 for the “powerful charm”.

Mike said they were glued together for three hours and he used a second witch doctor’s charm to release them.

“I have been married to this woman for five years. I suspected she is cheating on me. On Saturday I asked help from Mama.”

Some residents praised the ‘power’ of the witch doctor, saying the lovers will serve as an example to unfaithful couples.

“This woman has ridiculed the women of Bungoma. We want action to be taken against her,” resident Nancy Nasike said.

“This is a married woman. She is supposed to respect her husband. She has children too,” she said.

A video was captured the humiliated couple still naked and stuck together being paraded through the streets, in a desperate bid to seek medical advice according to The Mirror.

The woman, trying to hide under a bed sheet, is with the man who seems less shy as the pair are wheeled along on a wooden cart.

The couple had been having sex at a hotel called the Explor-Inn when the man found he was unable to separate from his married lover.

In 2015, a couple allegedly got stuck while making love at a lodging in Embu county.

A crowd swelled outside the room in Karurumo Market after allegedly hearing groans of pain from the couple.

Word went round that a traditional doctor from Mombasa had been called to separate them.

Witnesses told the Star they did not know what happened afterwards as the police came and dispersed them.


Dr John Dean, a senior UK-based sexual physician, says people can get “stuck together” during sex but its a rare phenomenon that doctors sometimes call “penis captivus” (captive penis).

“When the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged,” he says, giving his hypothesis of what causes the problem.

“The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.”

Finally the vaginal muscles relax, the blood flows out of the penis and the man can withdraw.

Many dog-owners will have seen their pets getting stuck during copulation, which breeders refer to as a “tie”. However, there are distinct anatomical reasons for this, according to Peggy Root, an expert in animal reproduction at the University of Minnesota. A dog’s penis has a compartment which fills with blood after intercourse has begun, effectively locking the male in place.





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