See Photos Of A Doctor At Thika Level 5 Hospital Bragging Of How She Is Killing Patients And Posting Abusive Posts On Social Media


Dr. Erica Kakile is a doctor who until the doctors’ strike has been working at Thika level 5 hospital. She joined the hospital just last year.

I love her choice of words when talking about our President.

She writes….

“…psychizophrenia is real!! Doctors cannot and are not scared of anyone….not even the tantrums thrown by the one claiming to be his excellency. We don’t work with threats and we don’t negotiate with thieves. Strike goes on.

Meanwhile, tell the president to direct those cheap threats to cartels, his relathieves, kabura, waiguru, moh 5b thieves….not us…

Meanwhile, poor Kenyans continue dying under the watch of the one they elected to protect them and probably will still stupidly vote him again…”

We are raising a very disrespectful lot of doctors. I’d be scared to be treated by her.






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