See How Former Kibwezi MP , Kalembe Was Drugged By This Lady After Having Good Timesand Robbed Off Money, Phones and Clothes

Former Kibwezi MP, Kalembe Ndile, has dismissed viral photos showing him drunk and sleeping next to an unidentified woman, terming them as Photoshop.

Kalembe who spoke exclusively to Nairobi Today said he has never been in a situation as depicted in the photo and does not know the woman pictured.

He said the photo was photo shopped to include his head just like it has been the case for many other politicians.

“These are people who just want to malign my name and image in the society,” said Kalembe.

In the viral photos the ex-lawmaker was pictured sleeping after downing a Jack Daniel’s whisky bottle.

A woman was pictured posing next to the slumbering Kalembe while smiling to the camera.

Kalembe dissolved his Tip Tip Party to join the recently launched Jubilee Party. He plans to vie for Mavoko Constituency on a Jubilee ticket.





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