Sad As Woman Who Laboured For 12 Hrs Dies In Pain Because Busia County’s Ambulances Had No Fuel

The Governor of Busia, Sospeter Ojaamong, wants all health officers responsible for the death of a pregnant woman on Tuesday to carry their own cross and face the law.

40 year old Diva Nyangweso died at the Sio Port Sub-District Hospital after laboring for 12 good hours without any assistance.

She was to be transferred to Busia Referral Hospital but ‘the ambulance did not have fuel’.

Her death sparked a mass demonstration by locals who demanded to know what the role of the County Government is if it cannot ensure that ambulances are fuelled for any emergencies.

Residents demanded that doctors and nurses in that facility be transferred because of being irresponsible and accused them of selling drugs to Uganda.

Ojaamong was equally irked by the incident and told the media that the County Government provides adequate fuel and all those who contributed to Diva’s death will be charged.





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