Ongata Rongai Police Station is an Extortion Den For Rogue and Corrupt Officers, See How They are manipulating Charges on Innocent citizens and Demanding for Hefty Bails, Matiang’i Please

Ongata Rongai Police station

Hi Cyprian,

I was arrested in Ongata Rongai on Friday night and they have tried all sorts of extortion on me yet I was not on the wrong.On Friday evening I was hit by a bodaboda near Cleanshelf while driving to Langata. After being hit by the bodaboda, the traffic officer who was there identified herself as Shillah came to the scene then board my car and asked me to move the vehicle to ease traffic.

I moved the vehicle and then she noticed a bottle of Whiskey which I was taking home. She asked me if I had taken alcohol, I nodded and told her while smiling…”it’s a weekend!”Shillah started telling me that the mistake was mine yet the bodaboda hit me.

I politely told her that I was heading to a funeral on Saturday so I didn’t want issues. She asked me for “kachai” of which I gave her 1000/=After giving her the 1,000/= she asked me to drop her at Ongata Rongai Police Station of which I did. On reaching the Police Station, Shillah told me that she will record a statement on the Occurrence Book which I saw was in order. I went ahead accompanying her to the OB desk. On reaching the OB desk, Shillah flipped the whole story and claimed that I was drunk and had caused an accident. I was shocked!!. She asked for alcoblow gadget which I took a test and it came out as 0.3 which is fine.

All my phones were taken away from me when I demanded to know why I was being arrested. I was denied cash bail and access to my phones until today. Today upon requesting to know why I was arrested, I was told it is drunk driving and assaulting a police officer and they are demanding 50k. Staying in this sell I have monitored how they extort money from young people who are busy with their hustles.

Today they arrested close to 50 matatu touts and they are demanding 1k from each which is unreasonable. There are also two young men who have been here for more than 3weeks because they refused to give them the money they were demanding under mere allegations. Today one man was arrested for impersonation, he has been claiming to be an officer yet he is not. DCI immediately released him because he gave out money.EACC Should look into how this police station is being run.I know if this post will be out before they release me I will be tortured.

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