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Notorious thigh vendor, HUDDAH MONROE, reveals how men in Dubai are begging her for SEX and thanks God for having self respect.

High budget socialite, Huddah Monroe, is stuck in Dubai after the Kenyan Government banned all international flights to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

The Government’s directive caught her in Dubai, where she had gone for unknown business.

Huddah frequently flies to Dubai to do high end prostitution and despite being a thigh vendor, she is busy talking about self-respect and advising ladies against irresponsible sexual behaviours on her Instagram stories.

The socialite revealed that most men in Dubai are sex starved and readily available for sex and thanked God for having self respect because if she didn’t respect herself, she would have been getting new ‘cassava’ every day.

She went ahead and advised ladies to stop having sex with any man because sex is spiritual.

LOL! Look at who is talking.

Anyway, here are screen-grabs from her Instagram stories.

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