Luo Men Don’t Joke,See How Otieno Was Busted Having S3x With a Goat Breaking Its Legs In Fear Of Contracting HIV From Ladies


A man stunned villagers of Muhuru location in Migori County when he was caught having s3x with a goat after saying that he prefers having s3x with animals to avoid contracting the deadly h!v virus.

23 year old Otieno Jalang’o was busted “drilling “neighbour’s goat in Migori.

He confessed that he has been having s3x with goats to avoid contracting s3xually transmitted diseases.

Animals cannot contract HIV, unlike humans.”

“S3x with animals is therefore safer” he defended himself after villagers took him to the local chief.

He will be subjected to medical tests to ascertain his mental status before he can stand trial for engaging in bestiality.

Here’s a photo of Otieno and his “s3x partner”.







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