Im a Tycoon Billionaire But Wont Allocate My Wealth To My Lazy Sons They Better Wait I Die to Inherit Or I Kill Them- Jackson Kibor

Politician Jackson Kiprotich Kibor, whose wealth is valued at more than Sh2 billion, has asked his sons to keep off and let him enjoy it until he dies.

Kibor, 86, is embroiled in a land dispute with his sons and married again while pushing for divorce from Josephine, his wife of 51 years.

The farmer is under investigation for shooting three times at his son Ezekiel at their farm in Kabenes, Eldoret, over a land dispute.

He said his children should work hard for their own wealth, just like he did, instead of eying his land and assets while he lives.

“I worked hard to buy all this land. It still belongs to me…my children have no right to fight for it or disturb me claiming they want a share,” he said in an interview after he was charged over the shooting on Wednesday.

“At the moment all the wealth, especially land, belongs to me. They should wait until I die to fight for it.”

The politician denied threatening to kill Ezekiel and was released on Sh100,000 bond.

But the veteran politician added that he will write a will on the distribution of his assets despite opposition by some of his sons.

“Those who think I am so old are wrong because I know what I am doing,” he said.

 Kibor owns more than 3,000 acres of land in Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia and has prime plots and buildings in Eldoret town. He also owns plots in Nairobi.

One of his four wives died but they were each allocated 800 acres of land.

The politician moved to court last year to bar the transfer of 1,250 acres land to his sons, 20 years after sub-division of the parcel.

In his case, whose hearing continued at the High Court in Eldoret yesterday, Kibor has accused 20 parties, including his six sons, of fraudulently sub-dividing and processing titles for his land (LR No. 8300 and 8301) measuring 1,547 acres.

“I am still the owner of the entire parcel, which was illegally sub-divided and registered at Uasin Gishu County Land Registry as SOY/KAPSANG Block 10 (Samitoi),” he argues.

He said the defendants have trespassed, encroached on the land and developed it, despite an order from the District Land Registrar requiring them to vacate and surrender invalid titles.

After the shooting, Ezekiel said the gun jammed after his father missed him by a whisker, and that he would be dead were this not the case.

A video believed to be of the incident, as recorded on phone by a Kabenes area resident, has been circulating on social media.

Kibor is seen shooting while moving closer to Ezekiel, who then ducks and escapes from the area.

He is said to have opened fire after finding his son supervising work on the farm. But he claimed it was in self-defence and that his son was first to attack.





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