Here are some Psychological Facts About Love, This is a Must read

What are some psychological facts about love?

1.Most women are attracted to men with a strong sense of humor.

Generally speaking, a strong sense of humor is associated with intelligence.

2. When the relationship lasts for three to five months, the breakup rate is the highest. According to Fisher, the psychologist, the divorce rate is the highest after four years of marriage.

Whether it’s Jack and Rose’s romantic love, or the psychologist Steinberg’s triangular theory of love… All love needs to be tested by time

3. Compared with those who regard love as a fairy tale, people who look at love rationally are more likely to obtain love, and love is longer.

They don’t get hurt too much because of a broken relationship and show less uneasiness in intimate relationships. They will manage love, accept the imperfection of love frankly, and regard the sweetness of love as the reward after giving, rather than taking it for granted.

4. Men are more likely to be attracted to women who have similar skeletal structures to their mothers.

This is called “sexual imprinting,” a term coined by psychological researchers.

5.Love happens when attraction and desire disappear.

After starting an intimate relationship, if you feel tired and even want to break up after each hot love period, it shows that you only like to enjoy love, not to manage love.

6. A good first impression is more about body language, tone and speed than what you actually say.

When you first meet a girl, the most important thing is not to brag about how rich you are, but to try to be a gentleman, polite and decent. On the contrary, too much or too close physical contact can only give people the feeling of exaggeration.

7. Love is a natural painkiller

When you are sick, you can obviously relieve the pain of the one you love. Research by psychologist younger et al. Has shown that even looking at a picture of a loved one can relieve pain. In movies, we often see a man who is suffering from misfortune or pain. He always takes a picture of his lover from his wallet or chest pocket and stares silently.

8. Personality complementary ≠ Made in heaven

Two people who look similar and have the same attraction are more likely to be together than two people who look significantly different. However, the mode of “personality complementary” is difficult to work in real life. People are more comfortable with people who are similar to themselves. Fewer differences and easier communication.

9. Heartbreak is real

Violent or traumatic events – breakups, divorces, or loss of loved ones, when deep emotions cause excessive anxiety, leading to chest pain or shortness of breath, can lead to real heart pain, which is often misdiagnosed as a heart attack.

10. Happiness is feeling connected with people

No one likes solitude. Loneliness for a long time has a great destructive effect on people’s psychology. Which of the classic literature that has been handed down for hundreds of years is not teaching people to fight against loneliness and strive for happiness. Otherwise, he will die alone or be destroyed.


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