Anti-terror police (ATPU) managed to arrest, Ferooz Abubakar, a coastal woman linked with terror activities in possession with explosive material.

The suspect was detained for three days to allow police with more time to probe the Ferooz’s terrorism activities in the country.

According to Police report, Ferooz Abubakar was arrested on Saturday in Mombsa Bondeni area with Detonators, explosive boosters, eight mobile phones and several sim cards.

The mobile phones and SIM cards have been handed to a team of Cyber Crime Unit to assist in the investigation and arrest more suspects operating the alleged terrorist network.

The anti-terror detectives said she was at an advanced stage of planning to carry out a terror attack in undisclosed location in the country.

Detective’s investigation also revealed that Abubakar is the wife of Hemed Skanda, the main suspect behind the 2014 attack at Reef hotel, where attackers had used samples of chemicals to trigger explosives through a remote-controlled device or a mobile signal.

Separately, police arrested two suspected members of the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab for planning attacks on churches and other sites in Nairobi, police sources said on Tuesday.

Source: Intelligence Briefs





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